The EASI research project has already kicked off

PID2019-107893RB-I00: Heterounión entre perovskita híbrida y nanocristales para celda solar con absorción extendida y eficiencia mejorada

Proyecto Retos 2019 financiado por la AGENCIA ESTATAL DE INVESTIGACIÓN.


Goals & Hypothesis

The EASI project proposes the assemble of a solar cell device containing simultaneously two types of light harvester materials forming a heterojunction.Specifically, EASI proposes to use hybrid halide perovskite and AgBiS2 nanocrystals.The goal is to extended absorption and improve performance compared to devices including solely one type of these light harvesters.


It is expected that the better absorptivity coefficient of AgBiS2 nanocrystals compared to perovskite and its extended to infrared radiation absorption would lead to obtain devices with increased external quantum efficiency beyond 800 nm wavelength also taking advantage of the optimum energy band matching between both materials. Moreover, it has been described that the introduction of nanocrystals in perovskite-based solar cells increases their stability and hence lifetime.

Research Position

Predoctoral Position in Emerging solar cells

Topic: Perovskite & Quantum Dot Based Solar Cells

We are looking for an outstanding and highly motivated candidate interested in developing a PhD in the topic of Emerging Solar Cells (Perovskite and Quatum Dot Solar Cells) and willing to apply to this call.

We offer an interdisciplinary and cutting-edge scientific environment at INA (Spain) where our researchers, in an international team, are able to promote and grow their scientific careers and professional skills.

We are accepting applications until the 23rd of August.


EASI project PIs:
Emilio J. Juarez-Perez (0000-0001-6040-1920)
María Bernechea Navarro (0000-0003-2800-6845)